Would you like to be a Statue Molester ?

Simply follow the instructions and see your perverted activities displayed on the internet.

1. Provide a snapshot of yourself molesting a statue.
2. Ensure that the graphic is in JPG/JPEG format.
3. Provide your name, your homepage URL and caption for the picture (where it was taken, circumstances surrounding the picture, etc).
4. Send the information to me.
5. Visit Firda and check out babes - the inspiration for this project.

Statue Molesters

    my dad
    chad rowatt
    amy sieloff
    jeff krause
    amy sieloff
    dave freidken
    steve tanner
    kevin moriarty
    chrissie thomas
    amy sieloff
    doug eleveld
    andy paciga and adam smith
    drew brogdon
    clare and marissa
    josh finkler
    chuck's sister-in-law June
    sandy goss
    rump ranger roger
    amy sieloff
    john l.
    michelângelo viana
    chad rowatt
    wilson reis
    carol eleveld
    chad rowatt
    ronaldo sabin
    coni t
    coni t
    steve lovell
    devil davey
    bill brown
    bill brown
    andré guergolet