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cuddles from mom sneaking some candy like a deer caught in the headlights - prior to the morning coffee not that impressed visiting nana niecy cant stop the music fine motor control checking the springs snacks on the couch going to work in the garden

permanent pictures

This is one of my favorite pictures of Ben.  He is not unplugging the VCR or throwing up.  What an angel. Lorrie in Lake Superior Provincial Park.  My sweetheart. My dad.  I may be insane, but it is through no fault of my own.  It is purely genetics. My mom.  She was giving me static about not having a picture of her on the web.  This'll teach her. My Mom and Dad - after a lifetime of embarassing me as a kid, it's payback time. The Lensers (Shaney, Amy, Lenny, Niecy) - One of the nicest families around.  They are our surrogate family here in Ottawa.

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